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Tytuł oryginału: Alkohol betulinowy i jego pochodne.
Tytuł angielski: Betulinic alcohol and its derivatives.
Autorzy: Tomaszkiewicz-Potępa Anna, Piękoś Magdalena
Źródło: Wiad. Chem. 2002: 56 (11/12) s.983-1001, il., bibliogr. 58 poz., sum.
Sygnatura GBL: 310,575

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    Streszczenie angielskie: Betulinic alkohol (lup-20(29)-en,3,28-diol) is a naturally occurring triterpene compound forming the principal extractive substance of the birch bark. The content of betulinol in the outer bark varies between 10-30 p.c. depending on the growth condition, age, season etc [1-12]. Chemically, betulinol is a pentacyclic triterpene alcohol belonging to a lupane series of compounds. The characteristic feature of the lupane group is the five membered ring E and ŕ-isopropyl group at C-19 [7-18]. Suberin and triterpenoids, the two major component groups in the outer bark of birch, have been investigated by many workers. Analytical procedures starting with sample extraction and hydrolysis with ethanolic alkali, were developed for routine analysis, which triterpenoids to be identified by the chromatographic and spectroscopic methods [19-25]. The functional groups in the betulinol molecule comprise primary and secondary hydroxyl groups and a double bond. Typical reactions are given in Fig. 3. Methods of synthesis and use of the chemical modification of betulinol has been investigated by many workers. The most investigated products from betulinol now are betulinic acid and its derivatives. It was isolated for the first time from many of plants [23-44]. Betulin was converted to betulinic acid using two different synthetic routes. The first approach involved an oxidation of betulin using Jones reagent to betulonic acid and subsequent NaBH4 reduction to betulinic acid. The second approach involved steps utilizing different protecting groups on the alcohol functional groups of betulin...

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