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Tytuł oryginału: Rudolf Virchow and presentation of his scientific achievement in Polish medical magazines in the 19th century and the beginning of 20th century.
Autorzy: Sabat Daniel, Dziembała Anna, Panasiewicz Małgorzata
Źródło: Pol. J. Pathol. 2002: 53 (3) s.163-168, il., bibliogr. 26 poz.
Sygnatura GBL: 301,852

Typ dokumentu:
  • praca historyczna
  • tytuł obcojęzyczny

    Wskaźnik treści:
  • ludzie
  • płeć męska
  • historia nowożytna
  • historia XIX wieku

    Temat osobowy:
  • Virchow
  • Rudolf 1821-1902

    Streszczenie angielskie: The development of pathological anatomy in the second half of the 19th century was mainly associated with the scientific activity of Rudolf Virchow. last year we celebrated the 180th birth anniversary and this year the 100th death anniversary of this outstanding man. The paper presents the scientific achievements of Rudolf Virchow as it was presented in Polish medical magazines in the 19th century and the beginning of 20th century. In 1858, his theory of cellular pathology became a basis for the understanding and fight against pathologic processes in living organisms. The theory also contributed to an increased interest in pathologic anatomy, especially histopathology and Virchow himself. in 1859 an extensive summary of the article, issued a year before, entitled "Cellular pathology based on physiolgoical and pathological tehroy of tissues" appeared in the subsequent issues of "Tygodnik Lekarski' ("Medical Weekly"). Also a translation of the XI chapter of "Cellular pathology..." devoted to nerve tissue appeared in the same magazine. this is the only treatise in Polish onteh most important work in the history of pathological anatomy of the 19th century. Three years later, in 1862, Włodzimierz Brodowski delivered to the students of Medical and Surgery Academy in Warsaw a lecture "Introduction to the lecture on pathological anatomy" which was later printed in "Pamiętnik Towarzystwa Lekarskiego Warszawskiego" ("diary of Warsaw Medical Association"). He presented the development of pathological anatomy along iwht the achievements of Virchow...

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