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Tytuł oryginału: B cell-dependent T cell responses: IgM antibodies are required to elicit contact sensitivity.
Autorzy: Tsuji Ryohei F., Szczepanik Marian, Kawikova Ivana, Paliwal Vipin, Campos Regis A., Itakura Atsuko, Akahira-Azuma Moe, Baumgarth Nicole, Herzenberg Leonore A., Askenase Philip W.
Źródło: J. Exp. Med. 2002: 196 (10) s.1277-1290, il., bibliogr. 59 poz.
Sygnatura GBL: 310,177

Hasła klasyfikacyjne GBL:
  • immunologia

    Typ dokumentu:
  • praca doświadczalna
  • praca opublikowana za granicą
  • tytuł obcojęzyczny

    Wskaźnik treści:
  • zwierzęta
  • myszy
  • płeć męska

    Streszczenie angielskie: Contact sensitivity (CS) is a classic example of in vivo T cell immunity in which skin sensitization with reactive hapten leads to immunized T cells, which are then recruited locally to mediate antigen-specific inflammation after subsequent skin challenge. We have previously shown that T cell recruitment in CS is triggered by local activation of complement, which generates C5a that triggers C5a receptors most likely on mast cells. Here, we show that B-1 cell-derived antihapten IgM antibodies generated within 1 day (d) immunization combine with local challenge antigen to activate complement to recruit the T cells. These findins overturn three widely accepted immune response paradigms by showing that (a) specific IgM antibodies are required to initiate CS, which is a classical model of T cell immunity thought exlusively due to T cells, (b) CS priming induces production of specific IgM antibodies within 1 d, although primary antibody responses typically begin by day 4, and (c) B-1 cells produce the 1-d IgM response to CS priming, although these cells generally are thought to be nonresponsive to antigenic stimulation. Coupled with previous evidence, our findings indicate that the elicitation of CS is initiated by rapidly formed IgM antibodies. The IgM and challenge antigen likely form local complexes that activite complement, generating C5a, leading to local vascular activation to recruit the antigen-primed effector T cells that mediate the CS response.


    Tytuł oryginału: NoiseChem: an European Commission research project on the effects of exposure to noise and industrial chemicals on hearing and balance.
    Autorzy: Prasher Deepak, Morata Thais, Campo Pierre, Fechter Lawrence, Johnson Ann-Christin, Lund Soren Peter, Pawlas Krystyna, Starck Jukka, Sułkowski Wiesław, Śliwińska-Kowalska Mariola
    Źródło: Int. J. Occup. Med. Environ. Health 2002: 15 (1) s.5-11, il., tab., bibliogr. 11 poz.
    Sygnatura GBL: 306,313

    Hasła klasyfikacyjne GBL:
  • medycyna pracy
  • toksykologia
  • otorynolaryngologia

    Typ dokumentu:
  • tytuł obcojęzyczny

    Wskaźnik treści:
  • ludzie

    Streszczenie angielskie: Exposure to multiple physical and chemical agents is common in occupational environments but workplace hazards and occupational safety critieria for combined exposures are lacking. NoiseCHem is an European Commision research project examining the effects of exposure to noise and chemicals on hearing and balance. Partners in Sweden, Finland, France, Denmark, UK and Poland with expert guidance from partners in the USA will examine workrers and study the mechanisms of action in animals to determine the levels of risk associated with joint exposure to noise and solvents. This paper biriefly outlines the project details.

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